Licensing & Franchisng Association of Hong Kong (HKLFA)


HKLFA - CSI項目管理招標 2014/06/21 19:15:00 Background Licensing & Franchising Association of Hong Kong (HKLFA) will apply the funding support from Create Hong Kong to organize a project of Award & Promotion Project for “Creative Pieces to Business Applications” to promote creativity and innovation in Hong Kong by inspiring transferring design ideas to business applications with award and exhibitions. We hope to have a proposal with brand new highlights in order to arise public awareness. Objectives To facilitate and implement the following activities in our project proposal: (1) To interview 20 commercial companies to understand their “common business operation needs”. (2) To generate 5 to 10 “common business operation needs” as the design award theme. (3) To hold 2 seminars in order to recruit designers to participate in such business applications of design ideas and explain the details of the award. (4) To determine the award’s vetting criteria, rules, and so on. (5) To form a vetting committee. (Will try the best to invite the representatives of the interviewed companies and representatives from the creative industry.) (6) To set up a meeting of vetting for determining the winners and excellent pieces of the commercial design projects. (7) To set up social media platforms (i.e. Facebook and a page at HKLFA’s website) and post the excellent pieces of the winners of the award on the social media. (8) To hold one award closing and sharing seminar. (9) To organize exhibitions in a mall and TDC exhibition centre or airport exhibition centre of Hong Kong for the excellent pieces. Deadline: 27th June 2014 (Thursday) Please download the full document here.
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