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We have been committing to promoting the development of the industry, and thus establish good relationship and mutual trust with government departments around the world, trade organizations, chambers of commerce, private sector and other cooperative activities.





 Bubble Mon Licensing (International) Ltd.




Math Monkey (Hong Kong) Ltd.


Math Monkey™ started in Florida, USA in 2006. Math Monkey™ is a revolutionary new supplemental Math Program that help kids excel in Math by teaching them in a fun, challenging and engaging environment.  We have a unique curriculum and uses a teaching technique that can help to develop children’s brain development from young and grow up with a MathBrain. Different from usual classroom routine, children learn Maths with teammates through competitive games and engaged activities, motivating them to learn along authentic brain learning process: Curiosity > Explore > Test > Repeat > Master. In this way, children will fully understand the relationship between numbers and numerical symbols in questions through discussions and activities. There are Math Monkey™ Knowledge Centers in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Jakarta, Singapore, Brunei and Bangkok. 



JW Media Ltd





Sparkinoo Limited


Sparkinoo Limited is a content creator that designs, develops, and manages virtual characters. Through our expertise in animation, game, mobile application, publication and many more, we produce multi-layered content that audience from various age groups and cultural backgrounds can all enjoy. Founded by animation and movie industry veterans, Sparkinoo Limited is a pool of talents that provide creative solutions. Not limited to produce our own intellectual properties, we also offer services for organizations that consider utilizing virtual characters as their representatives. Artists that own existing character IPs will find our services an efficient way to put their idea into different perspective through new medias as well.


Working Partners & Members:





Grandway International Creation Limited





Ekika Frozen Yogurt



Party Queen Co.





La Kaffa

La Kaffa Café is a listed company in Taiwan, having franchise shops in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Los Angeles. Quality is the core value of La Kaffa, proven from an espresso coffee, all day breakfast to a delicious pasta. The food menu can cater the seasonal customers needs and desire.




GEE KINGDOM - An Amazing Creatives World


Shane English School 


It is one of the largest and most respected British-owned EFL chains in the world.  A major leader in the English Education industry, Shane English has always prided itself on its commitment to innovation in education and providing the highest quality English courses to its students.  With hundreds oflocations worldwide, including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Poland and the United Kingdom, it's not difficult to see why Shane English has had more than a quarter century of success.


TaoSquare Group


TaoSquare Group whose education platform for early starter students of English has been developed to help students learn English both in the classroom and with the help of Apps, and devices such as PCs, tablets and phones. The vision of CFB World is to become the leading early learning network of schools and play centres across North Asia from an initial base in Hong Kong and mainland China. The mission for the organisation is to set up 10 play centre schools in year one with strategic partners. Services provided will be play centre space in shopping malls with facilities, game area for relaxation and breakout for up to 100 children per centre from toddlers through to 8 year olds. Separate classrooms will be provided with four levels of structured English learning, each level duration approximately one calendar year.


Brain Quotient And Neurofeedback Technology Center













UCP Industrial Co Ltd. 




Chog Chog Culture Communication Organization






Mass Group





DongGuan ACG Town










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