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HKLFA connects entrepreneurs with their licensing and franchising needs. As a non-profit organization, our deep foundation in both areas have made us Hong Kong's widely acclaimed professional licensing and franchising partner.







Franchising is an agreement that a franchisor grants the use of their own trademarks (including service marks), trade names, products, patents and proprietary technology, business model, and so on to the franchisee’s use under terms and conditions of the agreement within a standardized business model


Along with China 's economic development, market consumption is on a rising trend. Under CEPA effect, local brands took the opportunity to enter the mainland local brands while foreign brands deploy to expand the Chinese market, foreign brands also actively station in Hong Kong in order to enter China. On the other side, the Mainland brands also obtain experience in Hong Kong in order to prepare for the move towards overseas markets.






Licensing & Franchising Association of Hong Kong (HKLFA) is an organization consisting of the combination of patents, licensing and brand management elitist. We have achieved excellence in most aspects.


How to authorize the use of intellectual property?

Intellectual property in today's knowledge-based society is the most important asset, but often overlooked since the owner is not able to discover its value.


Intellectual property is characterized by:

1.        Invisible

2.        the proprietary nature

3.        regional

4.        bounded by a time limit

5.        replicability: intellectual property rights is bounded by international law; similar intellectual property laws throughout the world.


Intellectual property rights can be broadly divided into:

1.        Copyright

2.        Trademarks

3.        Patents

4.        Appearance

5.        Secret Technology


In addition to business owners have their own the intellectual property rights, (such as using it to produce an object), but also through the authorization (Licensing) others, the cost and risk to be the case to use it to make a profit. There were more hit can authorize others to make their own business while other aspects of the operations (such as Disney cartoons in their own business than to authorize production of its cartoon character style pattern clothes, books and electronic games).


Besides authorizing the making profits for the owners of intellectual property as an asset class has its own value. If it is a company owned, the value should be reflected in the company's asset value and share price. In addition, owners can also benefit through the sale of intellectual property rights, and the buyer is then also available through licensing or sale and then make a profit. Intellectual property rights is also a way to expand and expand their business. Large companies such as IBM, Samsung and Sony in the intellectual property field interpleader Ridge length, in order to protect and expand their businesses.


On the other hand, through intellectual property rights is authorized to expand their business or buy into - New Ridge domain or through licensing (Franchising) no experience before starting a business.


Hong Kong's intellectual property law has been very mature, phase switches itself on legal practitioners and the courts have accumulated years of experience in intellectual property protection. Therefore, the interests of intellectual property owners can be fully protected. 



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